The Diva’s are a non-profit fundraising group committed to changing lives of Women in our community.

The Divas Committee


Lynn Beechey – Founder  For anyone who knows me, staying busy is just who I am.  Owning my own business, Beechey Management Resources and working from home, I found it necessary to get involved with my community.  Both the business community, through the Burlington Chamber of Commerce and through various fundraising activities and charities.  I have volunteered for events at The Women’s Shelter, Burlington Professional Firefighters Association, and BCSS.  After taking a year off of committee work when I had my son, I realized that my passion for giving back and being involved was just part of me.  My Co-Founder, Sharon Jackman, felt the same way so we decided to form our own Committee and put on events that raised funds for local initiatives and causes.   We formed the Divas in 2011 and have never looked back.  We hosted our 1st Beautiful You event that same year and raised money for The Camisole Project, who continue to be our main benefactor from this event.  We have also supported Bereaved Families of Ontario, and in April 2015 are very proud to bring The YWCA’s Encore program to Burlington.


Sharon Jackman – Founder  I moved to Canada from South Africa 26 years ago – moved to Burlington when my children were 1 and 5 and quickly became involved in the community. Volunteering at the children’s schools through out the years, all the sports events that they were involved in and our church and Sunday school. I started my own logistics business in 2008 and have been involved with the Burlington Chamber of Commerce on many different levels, various different networking groups and different fundraising activities through the last 5 years, mostly related to Cancer. Lynn and I and our committee’s have raised over $300, 000 for Cancer services. We took last year off but quickly realized we loved giving back to our community and needed to get involved again.

Barb Daize

Barb Daize – Founder and supporter of The Camisole Project & owner of BodyMed Boutique After having lived in Burlington my entire life and worked here for over 30 years as a RPN I decided to open BodyMed Boutique. BodyMed is a unique retail store specializing in products and professional services geared toward health and cancer care. Five years ago I founded Body Med’s community initiative “The Camisole Project”. With the help of The DIVA’s and other community partners we fundraise each year to donate a post surgical camisole and pillow to any woman having breast cancer surgery at our local hospitals. “The Camisole Project” has grown exponentially since its inception and we are now expanding to include a BECAUSE.WE. CARE. Package. This gift has many important items for women to use before and after surgery. It is my passion to help people and especially give back to the community I have lived in for 54 years. I know we can accomplish great things together.

To quote Booker T. Washington  “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”


Michelle DeGroot  My family has been struck with cancer far too many times, in fact, my grandmother had breast cancer and I experienced the pain and suffering she went through. Ever since then I have been involved in raising funds for various breast cancer charities. A number of years ago a friend asked me if I wanted to go to an event for women with breast cancer at the Burlington Holiday Inn, without hesitation I volunteered and the following year I joined the committee. Since then we have established “Diva`s“ It is wonderful to work with such positive, professional women. I am so proud to be part of this important committee and to have the opportunity to help those in need through raising money and awareness for a local cause. When not volunteering, I enjoy a career as a REALTOR®.


Laurie McIntyre: After having worked for over 35 years I was blessed with the opportunity and the luxury of an early retirement.  Toronto born and raised, with a six-year hiatus in Waterloo, I’ve now been living in and loving the wonderful City of Burlington for almost 20 years.  I was raised in a family of ten and then raised four amazing children who are now wonderful young adults, it has always been my passion to give back to our community.  Over the years I have volunteered with many agencies some of which include the Halton Women’s Shelter, Sound of Music Committee Member and The Halton Shoebox Project, Soccer, Baseball, Football and the Girl Guides of Canada.  I have volunteered at several of the Divas events over the past few years and am now happy to play a bigger role by joining their Committee.  Like all of us, cancer has touched my life in many different ways and in various forms.  Wherever or however I can contribute or make even a small difference to either help make it go away forever or help those going through the diverse physical and emotional stages, I want to make that happen.  I am truly inspired and humbled by the work the Divas Changing Lives has done for our community and am honoured to be part of the Team.


Sherry Moulton Ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago, and successfully kicked it in the ass, I have been involved in fundraising for women travelling the same journey in our community.  Three years ago I hooked up with Divas Changing Lives to support BodyMed’s Camisole Project along with other endeavours in the community. I currently work for BodyMed Boutique and feel grateful to be able to continue to help women through this venue.  There is no feeling like the one you get when you can actually meet the people who benefit from your fundraising efforts.

Melissa Fleischman – Born and raised in Hamilton, I founded Olive Us Care in honour of my late grandmother, Olive. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 80, and it was then that I realized first hand the intricacies of a cancer diagnosis within a family. Olive Us Care provides free in-home childcare to families living with a cancer diagnosis in the Greater Hamilton Area, and as of recently we have extended our services to include support in Burlington. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the Divas and raise awareness in our communities.